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Four Peaches??

When I tell people the name of my fabric shop, I am often met with bewilderment and replies of, Four Peaches Fabric? Yes, it is a unique name, but it is a name that springs from my soul. When I began dreaming of my own fabric shop, I knew immediately that I would name it Four Peaches Fabric. I have four children, each unique and special in their own way. When my youngest child was a toddler, we had our usual nighttime routines. One night as I tucked him into bed, he placed his hand on my face and whispered softly, “Mama, you’re my peaches.” “No”, I replied, “You’re all my peaches,” and they were. It was from that sweet moment that the four peaches name was born. Four Peaches means love, honesty and family. Four Peaches Fabric stands for love. Love of quilting, love of fabric and love of sharing new ideas. Four Peaches Fabric stands for honesty. Honesty in fair pricing and quality fabric. Four Peaches stands for family, seeking to support and unite quilters as they share their soul through their creations.

Welcome to the Four Peaches Family. Kick off your shoes. Have some coffee. Stay a while. Here, you’re family. Here, you’re all my peaches.    

The Four Peaches Life

Meet Fezzik!

Is that a Giant Schnauzer? NO! That's our Bouvier des flandres Fezzik! Fezzik travels with us on our journey. Two adults, a 90lb Bouvier and a fabric store in a 400 square foot RV! Now that's a good time! 

Me and My Hubby!

Four  Peaches Fabric is probably the most unique shop you will ever hear about! My husband's job has us traveling extensively throughout  the United States. When I started Four Peaches Fabric, we knew we didn't want to be apart, so Four Peaches Fabric physically travels with us!  I share these travels, the interesting places we go and people we meet, here on the website and on social media. Quilting, like life, is a journey and should be shared and celebrated. Come celebrate along with us!

Coffee Drinking Mimi!

The two other things you will hear me talk about: coffee and grand kids! I couldn't live without either one!


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