Veterans Community Project

Tiny Houses & Quilts for Veterans

 In July 2017, we were blessed to be able to travel to Jamaica for  vacation. Jamaica is one of my favorite places on earth. Jamaica is a  beautiful island, boasting white sand beaches, blue mountains and  amazing clear waters. The only thing more beautiful than the natural  surroundings are the people who call this island home. The Jamaican  culture is not one born of privilege, but is built on hard work and  respect. They are a proud, but loving people. It is always a joy to be  there among them.

 While in Jamaica, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Stout and  others from VCP, The Veterans Community Project. You don’t expect to  meet someone like Chris while hanging out in a pool in the Caribbean,  but I never cease to be amazed at how God guides and directs our paths  in order to fulfill the needs of others. The Veterans Community Project  is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, on a mission to eliminate Veteran  homelessness by providing transitional-housing for homeless veterans.  They build and furnish tiny houses for homeless veterans. These tiny  houses are built with either bunk beds or single beds. From talking to  Chris, I learned that they have a need for 50+ twin size quilts over the  next year. This is an awesome opportunity for us to unite as quilters  and show our love and encouragement to veterans that need our help. I  would like to see the Four Peaches Family meet and exceed the needed 50  quilts! Together we can reach out and make a difference because even one  homeless veteran is too much. If you would like to be part of this  giving opportunity, please email me and I will send you more information. 

Four Peaches Family Quilts